Monday, February 21, 2011

feb 20 livin the dream

well if i am goinng to be really livin the dream, i guess i need to be fishing as much as possible,not an arm was really nice, a welcome sunny day after a couple days worth of reminder that it is indeed still was 30 ish so i got a late start xc skiing, but finally made it up to the deception trail near doesn't get enough beginner use and with the latest snowfall, the trail starts out following the signs;but then becomes the domain of explorer types who are are looking for a more off-trail made for a good long one and i found myself getting better with the help of some new boots that are more my size, and i didn't fall at all.after that i headed down to the river for a line wetting.i didn't bundle up,perhaps still hot from skiing and clouding my judgement.gloves!i didn't take them as i was just at the rodeo area and not that far from the car.but boy they got cold was nice to be in the water,to see it,but i'm good beyond that.had to pee on my hands and then stick them right on the defrost for a while after.they hurt.icy guides.that kind of day,although i think it warmed up more afterwards before it got cloudy again.i don't think it is finished snowing just yet,which is fine because we always need more water...we'll see what tomorrow holds...

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